• Punjabi Tandoori Chicken


    1 medium chicken cleaned
    1 inch piece raw papaya.
    1 inch piece ginger
    1 large cup sour curds
    5 green chilies
    5 flakes garlic
    1 tblsp
    Each of Garam masala and ground cumin seeds 1 tsp
    Chili powder
    1 small onion
    150 grams melted butter
    A few drops orange red color
    Salt to taste. 



    1. Grind onion, ginger and garlic and papaya to a very smooth paste. 
    2. Beat the curds nicely with butter and then stir in the ground paste, spices. 
    3. Salt and enough color to give the mixture a deep orange color. 
    4. Make deep slits on the chicken with the help of a knife.
    5. Rub the mixture thoroughly inside and out. Set it aside for about 10 hours. 
    6. Then thread the chicken on a skewer and put it into the tandoor. 
    7. Then fry till done in butter and return to tandoor for 3 to 4 minutes before serving.
    8. Garnish with raw onion rings, rings of lime and serve with green chutney.