• Punjabi Garlic Fried Chicken


    500gm Chicken on the bone 
    Bay leaves 
    Garlic-Ginger paste 
    Freshly ground black pepper 
    Chili powder 
    Salt to taste 
    Turmeric Powder 
    250gms Onions, sliced finely 



    1. In a pressure cooker, add some oil, put in the onions and fry till the onions are soft and just thinking of turning brown at the edges. 
    2. Put in all the ingredients, except the vinegar, freshly ground black pepper and the chicken. Stir. Put in the chicken and lightly sear. 
    3. Add a cup or so of water close the cooker and cook. You’ll need to estimate when it’s just about to turn tender. Perhaps a little earlier is ok, but not later.
    4. Pour everything from the cooker in a wide pan. You can do this in the cooker itself if you like, but it’s easier to handle this way. 
    5. Boil down the water till the chicken is dry. 
    6. Add some vinegar and the freshly ground black pepper, give it one final stir, taking care not to scramble the chicken if it’s gotten too soft, or to jar it off the bone.