• Kerala Chicken Manjuriyan


    Small Pieces Of Chicken 1kg
     300 gms Soy sauce
    Ginger, Cut Into Small Pieces 200 gms
     Garlic, Cut Into Small Pieces 300gms
     Coriander Leaves
    Onion, Cut Into Long Pieces 1
    200 Gms All Purpose Flour
    Egg 1
    1Bell Pepper, Cut Into Small Pieces
    A pinch of Aginomoto
    Chili Powder
    Salt to Taste
    Black Pepper to Taste



    1.Foremost, you will be required to mix all the purpose flour and you should also add in it ginger garlic, chili powder,  beaten egg and make sure that you prepare a paste of all these ingredients.
    2.Now, you will be required to place the chicken in lime and you should leave the chicken for forty-five minutes. Now, you should take a pan and you should add some oil in it and heat it on a medium temperature. You will be required to add chicken in it and fry it.
    3.Take a saucepan and heat oil in it and cook pepper, onion, garlic and ginger pieces.
    4.You can also add in it soy sauce and then you should cook. You will be required to add in it fried chicken and Aginomoto along with coriander leaves.
    5.Just leave it for few minutes and the dish is ready to be served.