• Chinese Chilli Chicken


    Various Chicken pieces
    Soy Sauce
    1 Clove-Garlic
    8-10 Green chilies split thru the middle- (keep them attached)
    1/3 cup oil



    1. First cut the chicken pieces into smaller pieces, (drumsticks in half, thighs in half, (leave wings as is) then marinate the chicken pieces with the soy sauce and vinegar (equal parts of both) -make sure all the chicken pieces are covered by the soy sauce and vinegar mixture-add the chilies-cover and put in fridge for 10 mins. 
    2. Heat oil in frying pan -slowly add chicken pieces (make sure the pieces are not dripping) cover the pan; alternately turn the pieces so they are brown on the outside. 
    3. After all the pieces are done, take out. Then put in the clove of garlic -fry until golden brown. 
    4. Add the chicken pieces then add the soy sauce and vinegar mixture stir and cover, let cook about 20 mins or until the sauce begins to thicken. Then take off heat and serve over white rice.