• Chinese Chicken Fried Rice


    Rice-2 cups(Cup=rice coocker cup)
    Chicken Breast-2
    Green Peas-1/4rth cup
    Sweet corn Kernels-1/4rth cup
    Shallots/Spring Onions-1/4rth cup
    Chilly Sauce-2tbs
    Soy Sauce-4tbs
    Tomato Ketchup-1tbs
    China Salt/Ajinamoto-2large pinches
    Juice of Lime-3tbs
    Table Salt &Black Pepper-to taste



       1.Cut chicken breasts into thin cubes.Marinade with salt,pepper & juice of lime for 15 minutes.
       2.Spary a non-stick cooking spray on a pan or use 1tbs of olive oil & fry the chicken cubes until they
       turn slightly brown(make sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked)
       3.Saute green peas & corn kernels until they turn tender.Also sauté spring onions until slightly browned.
       4.scramble 2 eggs.
       5.Heat 2 tbs oil in a deep vessel.Add the fried chicken cubes,peas,corn kernels,scrambled eggs & rice.Add china  
       Salt,chilly sauce,siy sauce & tomato ketchup and mix thoroughly.