Poultry Farm Equipment

Good equipment is a pre-requisite for better poultry management.  Poultry equipment is basically meant for three purposes:


Brooding Equipment:

The objective of brooding equipment is to provide a suitable temperature to chicks from the day-old-stage upto the time they are able to adapt and regulate their temperature to the ambient environmental temperature condition.More

Feeding Equipment:

In order to 'train' chicks to eat at an early age, for the first few days a large area of feed must be supplied.  This is generally done by spreading feed on filler flats or in chick feeders with the lids open.More

Watering Equipment:

Waterers for young chicks are confined almost exclusively to the pot and pan or jar and pan arrangement.  This generally consists of a aluminium pot or plastic jar inverted over an aluminium plate.More 

In addition to this, "Small" equipment for vaccination, debeaking, cleaning, disinfection, etc. are also necessary.