Characteristics Of Poultry Production





Breed and flock size

Specialized breeds: 1000-50000

Specialized and dual-purpose breeds: 50-200

Local indigenous type: <50


Modern housing, generally with concrete walls and regulated internal environment

Varies from modern houses to simple housing made from locally available materials

Specific poultry houses are rare

Feed resource

Commercially compounded feeds

Commercially compounded, homemade mixtures and scavenging

Scavenging and occasional feeding with home grains and household refuse

Health programme

Standard and regular poultry health programme

Disease control and health programme at varying levels

No regular health programme of disease control measures in place


Cold chain system input-output distribution

Input and output distribution is based on existing trading centres

No formal marketing channels


Water, electricity and communication available

Modest infrastructure depending on proximity to urban centres

Underdeveloped infrastructure

Product storage and processing

Products refrigerated; dressed birds and table eggs refrigerated

Minimum refrigeration, occasional dressing of birds

No refrigeration, sales of live birds and eggs


Formal training, extension service available-information disseminated through producer and consumer associations

Moderate formal training and extension services

Local knowledge, with moderate or no extension services